Shafer Motor Home Inspections

Your home on wheels RV is an expensive investment. There are a large number of parts and accessories in the vehicle. All such items require regular maintenance and upkeep. Failure to do so can result in various problems that will prove expensive in repairs and replacements. You may also be troubled by damages if you fail to maintain each and every item of the RV in good condition. It takes only a few minutes to fix a minor problem. If you do not fix a problem in its early stage, it will develop into a bigger problem that will cost you more in repair and replacement. Regularly inspect your motorhome windows. There are many reasons why you need to do so.

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Difficult to Repair

It is not only the high expenses of repairs that you have to worry the bigger problem is that unless it is a complete replacement job, you are unlikely to find an auto mechanic who is ready to repair a small part of your motorhome window. Most auto mechanics will repair the windshield and back glass but not the windows. You may have to search high and dry to find an auto mechanic who is ready to fix your RV windows. You can avoid such problems by regularly inspecting windows of your motorhome. As soon as you notice any problem, you should try to fix it yourself or take it to a mechanic if it is a bigger problem.


A window that is not working properly can damage structural parts of the vehicle. Seepage of water can cause rusting of iron parts of the vehicle. Moisture will damage wooden and fabric items. It can prove expensive to repair such damages. Regular inspection and maintenance helps you avoid such damages. By just closing a small gap with a small amount of sealant, you can fix the problem immediately. Even larger windows problems can be fixed if you have the tools and the DIY skills to do so.

Maintain the Look

When you have made RV your home, you also need to keep it in good looking condition. Even minor dents, scratches and broken parts make your vehicle look bad. Many such defects are visible at close inspection. Fix defective parts of the windows to make your motorhome look nice and beautiful from all angles. If you regularly maintain your motorhome in good condition, you can expect to receive higher price when you want to sell it. A well maintained vehicle is quite obvious to the prospective buyers and they know even its internal parts must have been maintained well by the owner.

There are many DIY motorhome window repair and maintenance guides on the Internet. You can fix small problems yourself without any expert assistance. At the same time, repair anything only then you have the right tools and expertise to fix the problem. Take help of a professional RV windows installer if it is a bigger problem or you are not sure of fixing the problem on your own. Check each part of the windows every few weeks. You do not have to open any part of it. A simple visual inspection is sufficient to reveal any defect or damage.